Contracted Continuing Education Course Proposal Form

Please complete this form for each contracted course for which you would like UW Platteville credit granted.

Contracted Courses Defined: Contracted courses are those courses where you either contact or are contacted by a K-12 or vocational college district to teach. Examples of these situations are school district in-services or the Technical College System's "magic 7." In these instances, the district has placed you under a formal or informal contract and is paying you either an honorarium and/or expenses. UW Platteville has had no role in initiating or establishing the course, the program will run irrespective of credit student numbers, and UWP credit is offered as a value added to prospective attendees.

If you are unsure whether this defines your proposed course, contract Rick Morgan at 608-342-1347. If it does define your course, please complete the following items:

Who: What is the name of the contracting agency? Please include a complete address. Include contact name, title, and telephone number

Contracting Agency Name:
Contracting Agency Address (street):
Contracting Agency Address (city):
Contact Name and Title:
Contact Telephone Number:

What: What is the name of the already approved UWP course you will be teaching as part of contract?

Will you offer an Action Plan? Yes No

Where: Where will the course be taught? Please be specific as to the name of the building and either the room number or name.

When: When will the course be taught? Please include the month, the date, days of the week, and time class is in session each day. Be sure that the course time totals 15 contact hours per credit.

Course Dates:

Hours in Class by Date:

Anticipated Number of Students:

Thank you for completing this proposal form. Please remember that OCE does not pay mileage or per diem for contracted courses. In most instances, you will be paid by UWP on a per student basis.

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