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Ullsvik Hall
Ullsvik Hall - University of Wisconsin-Platteville


The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Office of Continuing Education aims to build a strong relationship with the surrounding community. A community, by one definition, is a group of interacting people. Each person, business or association exists to perform a specific task in order to keep the community functioning. Continuing Education plays the role of continually educating the community through a variety of programs and events for all ages.

Who We Serve

The people of the Platteville and surrounding Tri-State community are important assets to Continuing Education. We provide the essential education for the community to grow. 

The community thrives through our programs, which consist of certification classes and conferences catering to different adult interests, recertification classes for teachers to keep our school districts strong, inspiring camps for children and adolescents, the ArtsBuild program promoting economic development through art, physical well-being classes for seniors, and much more. Through our many different programs and events, we aim to achieve a well-educated, successful, healthy community.

Our Mission

UW-Platteville’s Office of Continuing Education brings together community members of all ages in Southwest Wisconsin and the Tri-State Region, through lifelong and beneficial learning experiences. Continuing Education classes, programs and events cater to learners’ requests and needs, and provide a supportive, convenient, and positive environment that creates shared learning between UW-Platteville and the community.

Our Values

  • Community and regional engagement to enhance shared learning
  • Partnerships and collaborations with businesses and associations in the community
  • High quality customer service for continued relationships with the community
  • Creativity and innovation in our programs, events, etc. for the ever-changing times
  • Making a difference in people’s lives through education