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The information below will assist you in the consideration or planning for the delegation trip. If at any time you are concerned or would like further information please contact the Confucius Institute at confucius@uwplatt.edu or 608.342.1310.


What are the most important items for me to travel with?

1.  Passport with your visa (two copies of each – separate luggage)
2.  Flight ticket/confirmation (paper copies)
3.  Your CISI Insurance card/paper (two copies)
4.  Cash  - 200 or 300 US dollars to be converted to Chinese RMB in airport
                 ATMs in airports (some may charge foreign transaction fees)
5.  The paper with contact information (separate file attached to email)

Optional: Emergency Card (Blood Group, Allergies, and Known Medical Conditions)

Tip: Pack important items in waterproof bag to prevent damage

What is the typical June weather in Wuhan?

Wuhan is known for the rainy hot weather in June.  
Lows 72 °F (22 °C) - Highs 86 °F (30 °C). Humidity 80%.

What type of electrical system is used in China?

China's electrical system operates at 220 volts, not the standard American 110 volts.

Check your electronics! 
Most newer electronics are compatible with both voltages.
If the product is not compatible, it is dangerous and the product will be damaged, fried.

Don't forget the chargers for all your electronics.
All though the outlets may be a different shape. Front Desks usually have adaptors available.

Batteries - ALL batteries must be in carry on and please remove any from inside products that will be in checked bag

Will my cell phone work in China?

Check the compatibility of your cell phone in China.
Easiest way is to check you phone’s manual or look up model number on the internet – GSM /bands of 900 and 1800mhz

Not recommended to use your American carrier’s roaming/foreign data
        - other less expensive options available, including WeChat, Skype

Which applications/websites do not work well in China?

Google (Gmail, Google+, Docs, etc.)

Note: Having a VPN (virtual private network) will allow you to use the "typical" sites. If desired, download the program before arriving in China.

What are some helpful phone apps to have?

WeChat is the go to communication app for most Chinese. By having this application you will be able to easily communicate with other group members, leaders, and students.

Consider downloading a character recognition App to your phone:
       Waygo (travel/food)
       Pleco (full dictionary)

Are public restrooms or toilets different in China?

The most common form of “public” toilet is a squatting toilet.
       Tip: Youtube: the informative portion starts at the 50sec mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV-ieJ7F0SU

Always bring your own:
        Toilet paper (travel rolls – brands: Coleman, Charmin, CottonBuds)
        Baby-wipes or travel pack wipes (if typically use them – handy if your hand get dirty)
        Hand sanitizer with alcohol content (remember- travel size >100ml or wet wipes)
        Handkerchief (for drying hands, if water is available)

What is the average exchange rate?

Chinese currency is RMB / Yuan.
¥ is their $.

Rough conversions for reference.
     ¥100 ≈ $15.4
     ¥50   ≈ $7.7
     ¥20   ≈ $3
     ¥10   ≈ $1.5)
     ¥5     ≈ $0.77
     ¥1     ≈ $0.15

Do you have any Taxi tips?

1.  Ask someone to write down the address of the destination in Chinese in advance.

2.  Carry your important contact information with you at all times.

3.  Request receipts or remember the driver's name/plate numbers, it will be very helpful in case you leave things on the car.

4.  Typically you don’t need to tip – for a meal or taxi services.

What are the basic health care items I should take?

Medications to pack:
     Anti-inflammatory (Advil, Aleve)
     Antihistamines (Benadryl, Zyrtec)
     Remedy for diarrhea (Imodium)
     Antacids (Tums, Pepto-Bismol - tablets)

Do not carry large quantities (just bring essentials) or you may encounter problems at Customs.

If you need a doctor’s care:
     - Wuhan Campus as an on-site clinic and hospital
     - You do not need to call ahead for an appointment
     - Remember: take your travel insurance card

Do you have tips on helping with jet lag?

If it is 8am in Wisconsin on June 1, then it is 9pm June 1 in China. (13 hours ahead)
Stay hydrated
   - Drink lots of water
   - Avoid high sodium foods
   - Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Sleep on the 12+ hour flight:
     If landing in the afternoon, sleep 5-8 hours as soon as possible and be alert/active for the last 6 hours of the flight to mimic your morning routine. 
     Think of noon/12pm as your American mid-night
     Ear plugs or Noise canceling headphones, eye mask, blanket/sheet
     Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing
     Consider taking a sleep aid - Melatonin may help after landing to increase your desire to sleep.

     DO NOT use any sleep aid or melatonin for the first time on the trip. Know how the drug affects you.

Do you have any tips for packing?

     T-shirts, short sleeve shirts, skirts, shorts, light weight pants, sandals, rainwear (easily dried clothes, best)
     Sleepwear, underclothes, socks, etc.
     Please bring one set of business (semi-formal) clothing
     Toiletries and personal items such as toothbrush, comb, razor (see note about electronics), etc.

Consider taking for the flight:
     Ear plugs
     Eye mask

Check the luggage rules of your flight. (Liquids should NOT be put in your carry-on luggage)
Wear comfortable shoes! (We walk a lot – it is not uncommon to walk 20 minutes or more)

     Bring sunhat, sunglasses, and sun block
     Roll your clothes instead of folding them or use vacuum/Ziploc bags to push out extra air – saves space.
     Pack all liquids and powders in separate Ziploc bags, so they don’t leak on other items
     Remember the rules for carrying liquids on airlines.

Should I take gifts for my host family or conversation partner?

For host families, it is an honor to host you. It would be a nice gesture to offer a small gift/token of appreciation to them.
Good Items:
     Small pack of good quality candies (Werther's, Gilliam Stick Candy, etc)
     Chocolate truffles or bars (Lindt, Ghirardelli, Ferrero Rocher, etc)
     Small bottle of vitamins (Centrum – Adult, NatureMade – Multi Complete or Daily)

For your Conversation Partners:
     Any of the above would work.
     T-shirts or caps with Wisconsin logo/themes

No-Nos :
     Green hats
     White gifts or wrappings (funeral color)

What if I need to do laundry?

Please do not take your laundry items to your host family's home!
There will be a laundry facility on the SCUN campus, where we will be staying most of the trip.

If you have just a few items, consider handwashing your clothing in a sink. Here is a good how-to blog post.

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