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The Confucius Institute provides native Mandarin Chinese speaking professors as instructors for the Chinese language courses offered through UW-Platteville's Foreign Language Department. These elementary language courses count for credit or placement in the UW-Platteville general education competency requirement.

Instructor: Maggie Deng

Chinese 1540 - Elementary Chinese I:
An introduction to Mandarin Chinese that includes the study of characters, tones, sentence structure, and the Pinyin system.  Students will  develop basic conversational, listening. and reading skills appropriate to an elementary language class in Mandarin.   Students will also explore the connection between the culture of China and its 5000 years of history.

Chinese 1640 - Elementary Chinese II:
A continuation of Chinese 1540 with an emphasis on basic writing, reading, and conversational skills in Mandarin Chinese.  Students will also continue to study the culture and civilization of China.

New for Fall 2016 the Confucius Institute partnered with the Health and Human Performance Department to off a credit course of Martial Arts. The instructor for this course is a Master of Chinese martial arts.

Instructor: Felix Fan

Chinese Martial Arts 3745:
An overview of the Chinese martial arts practices and traditions. Focus on learning Long Fist Form and Tai Chi 24-form.

For more information or questions about the courses offered through our Institute, please contact us by phone 608.342.1310 or by email at



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