Visual Identity System

Since 1866, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has been providing quality education for southwest Wisconsin and beyond. The university is making a concentrated effort to expand its recruiting and marketing reach. In order to help reach new and existing audiences, as well as increase the visibility and reputation of the university, a clear brand needs to be established and maintained. This brand is one way to bring greater recognition and clarity, as well as aesthetic unity, to the presentation of the university.

The following pages of this Visual Identity System offer a usage guide to the existing visual components of the university’s brand.

A visual identity is a graphic brand representation comprised of critical components: names, logos, typography and color palettes. An identity system spells out how to present these unified visual components, allowing an individual entity to leverage the value of the respected institution.

This document is not designed to inhibit the expression of unique messaging and personalities specific to individual schools, departments or programs. Rather, it has been created to provide a comprehensive structure for presenting complex, variable information with logic and a visual rationale. Ultimately it should help all those who communicate on behalf of UW-Platteville to work more efficiently and effectively.

If you have any questions about the Visual Identity System, please call the Publications Office at 608.342.1197.

Download a PDF of the Visual Identity System, last updated on March 5, 2012.