Brand Overview

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UW-Platteville is excited to roll out a new brand platform during the 2018-19 academic year. Brand is the projection of who UW-Platteville is as an institution. It is the university’s story, reputation, voice in the marketplace, and ultimately its DNA. Most of all, it’s a promise.

Essentially, the university’s brand is defined by everyone else—students, influencers, industry partners, the media, and even the competition. Only by presenting the university identity consistently and confidently, can we define the UW-Platteville brand.

Fully discovering and defining brand begins with introspection, examining the vision that drives UW-Platteville, the character of the university, and the values it embodies. Once we fully understand every facet of the institution, we can tell the UW-Platteville story.


UW-Platteville’s seal represents an important part of our history: our roots in mining, as signified by the “M” and our legacy as the first Normal School in the state, represented by the bell.

This history is an important part of our legacy and a story we will continue to tell, but as our institution continues to grow, evolve, and expand its reach outside of Southwest Wisconsin, it’s important to have a symbol easily identified with UW-Platteville. Therefore we are introducing a stylized “P” with traditional UW-Platteville colors.

The new UW-Platteville “P” logo is based on the look, feel, and colors of the UW-Platteville seal, while also incorporating some of the looks and lines of the stained-glass university seal window found in Ullsvik Hall. The lines in the “P” represent a university where each student follows his or her own chosen path to a successful future. The logo is designed to complement the seal. The seal will still be used as the official sanction of the university, but will be limited in its use.


Opportunity from the start

The tagline, “Opportunity from the start,” speaks to UW-Platteville’s brand ideals on a number of levels. At UW-Platteville, we take pride in the many opportunities afforded to undergraduates, as early as their first year on campus. From building relationships with faculty members to engaging in applied learning and research opportunities, and internships and co-ops, our small class sizes and teaching-centered focus offer a lot of early opportunities that set UW-Platteville apart from other institutions. It’s also a nod to UW-Platteville’s legacy as a leader throughout its history—from its roots as the first Normal School in Wisconsin to being a frontrunner in offering early distance and online education programs, and more.

For brand resources including logo files, templates, usage policies, and more, visit the UW-Platteville Brand Toolkit website. (use your UW-Platteville network credentials to log in.)


Why is the university rebranding?

Change is a constant in higher education, and in an increasingly competitive landscape, it is important that UW-Platteville has a strong, cohesive brand and identity. This is also an exciting time for UW-Platteville and for higher education in Southwest Wisconsin as we integrate with UW-Richland and UW-Baraboo/Sauk County. This is a pivotal point where our university has the opportunity to refresh and strengthen our brand. This includes telling our story of what makes the UW-Platteville experience unique, and what opportunities and value we afford our students. This is extremely important to do now, as UW-Platteville joins with UW-Baraboo/Sauk County and UW-Richland to create a shared identity.

How did the university decide on the new brand?

To undertake this project, we awarded a contract to Vendi, an experienced marketing agency based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Partnering with Vendi, we conducted in-depth brand research through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods aimed at gauging target audiences’ perceptions of UW-Platteville and its key competitors; identifying why students did or did not choose to attend UW-Platteville; and revealing what makes the UW-Platteville experience valuable and unique. Research included focus groups with current UW-Platteville students, surveying high-school age prospective students, and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders including alumni, employers, parents, and guidance counselors.

When can we start using the new logo?

Any project currently in design, or future project, should start incorporating the new logo.

What if I have old materials?

To support university sustainability efforts, do not discard of existing stock. You may continue using your existing stock until your inventory is depleted. When re-ordering materials, after your supply is gone, the new logo will be used. The new logo will be gradually phased in throughout the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Where do I find the new logo? Will individual colleges/departments receive new logos?

Throughout the summer, UW-Platteville's Publications team will be creating new logos with secondary identifiers (colleges, departments, etc.). A schedule has been developed for the creation of these logos (view prioritization schedule). If you need the general university logo, contact or visit the Brand Toolkit webpage.

What about the athletics spirit marks and Pioneer Pete?

UW-Platteville has long used a separate visual identity for athletic versus academic purposes. This will not change; the existing Pioneers athletics spirit mark will continue to be used by athletics. Pioneer Pete will also continue to be used as a mascot and secondary component of our visual identity.

Will the seal still be used?

The university seal will still exist as the official sanction of the university. Its use will be limited to the Office of the Chancellor and UW System Board of Regents documents. The seal will be used on:

-Legal documents
-Official university reports (e.g. – to regents, accrediting bodies, etc.)
-Awards, certificates, and plaques
-Documents at the discretion of the chancellor

The seal will not be used for promotional information, brochures, flyers, posters, advertising, stationary or business cards, merchandise, or nametags and badges.

What about our branch campuses?

The branch campuses are included in this branding initiative. The timing of this initiative coincided with UW System’s restructuring announcement, providing us the opportunity to closely examine the missions of UW-Richland Center and UW-Baraboo/Sauk County. In doing so, we found many foundational similarities that drive our institutions: teaching-centered philosophies, hands-on learning opportunities in small class sizes, academic excellence, affordability, and a commitment to giving back and enriching the community.

New logos that are consistent with our visual identity will be used at the branch campuses.

How can I order promotional material with the new logo?

It is anticipated that by Aug. 1, 2018, all licensed vendors will have the new logo. At that time you may follow the normal process for ordering promotional items. For any needs in the meantime, contact Diana Blindert at or 608.342.1848 with questions. Visit the brand toolkit webpage for more information about merchandise and a list of licensed vendors.

What other components will be included in this branding initiative?

By September 2018, we will introduce more components of this new branding initiative, including a tagline, brand ideals, and brand messaging.

Whom do I contact with questions about the new branding initiative?

Contact Paul Erickson, Director of Communications, with any questions about the new branding initiative at