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Pioneer Printing is open from 7:30 a.m.–4 p.m., Monday through Friday, year round.

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Indicate the type of duplicating required for this request. "Large Format Poster" should be chosen for projects *LARGER* than 11" x 17".
This equals number of pages. Example: A document for a flier with text or graphics on both sides is 2 pages or 2 originals.

PUT ACTUAL QUANTITY NEEDED (number of individual finished pieces)

You must enter an account code or the word "Cash" to indicate you will pay with cash or check. Account codes must be entered in a ###-######-# or ###-######-A format, like 123-123456-1 or 123-123456-F.
"Project number" is an additional billing code required by Financial Services for account codes beginning with 233, 133, and 144.
Paper Sizes

Some paper choices are available in multiple colors, including 8.5" x 11" Copy Paper, 8.5" x 11" Cover Stock, and 11" x 17" Copy Paper. If you select one of these three paper options, you will be prompted on the next page to select one or more paper colors.

Bindery Services
If you selected "Cut" as an option above, then indicate the finished size here.
If you selected "Notepad" above, then indicate the number of sheets here.
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Tell us how you would like your project delivered when it is completed.

If you select "Attach Files" you will be prompted to attach files on the next page. PDF file format needed; we do not guarantee reproduction of any other file format. If you select "Drop Box," you will be prompted on the next page for the name(s) of your electronic files that you will be copying to S:\DropBox\Group\Duplicating or afp:// If you select "Hard Copy," please to deliver your originals to Pioneer Printing and Postal Services at 017 Brigham Hall (lower level).

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