Resources for Writing Instructors

Here are some answers to questions instructors have on a daily basis regarding policies, office supplies, etc. As always, please don't hesitate to ask James Romesburg, Assistant Professor and Director of English composition, or Sara Koeller, English Program Assistant, for further guidance.  Many thanks to Sara for patiently writing out these answers!

Office Hours/Teacher Availability

University policy states that all full-time academic staff and faculty should have 10 hours of office hours. Part-time faculty/staff should prorate their hours based on percentage of their contract. They should be posted on your office door, and all campus staff are strongly urged to hold office hours ONLY in their office and ONLY during "normal business hours" (7:30-4:30ish). We do have an office in the basement of Karrmann Library that is assigned to us (Karrmann B09) that can be used on a first-come/first-serve basis for office hours. Sara Koeller, English Program Assistant, will send out a copy of your schedule each semester via e-mail, and it should be returned to her with the hours added.

Canceling or Moving Classes

Canceling classes - If you must cancel classes due to a sick day, please e-mail or call Sara Koeller, English Program Assistant. You may either contact your students yourself via PASS or D2L, or ask Sara to do so via PASS. If you will be gone an extended period of time, please contact the department chair.
Moving classes - If you are simply moving classes for a day (i.e. having class outside, etc.), there is no notification is needed. If, for some reason, you would like to change the assigned location of your class , please contact Sara.

Computer lab access 

If you wish to hold a class period in a computer lab, you must make a reservation through Sara Koeller, English Program Assistant. We have two computer labs available in the basement of Karrmann. Make your reservations EARLY!

Accessing Rosters and Filing Grades

All rosters and filing grades is done through PASS. Sara Koeller, English Program Assistant, is also able to print rosters if necessary. You will receive notification when grade rosters are available for midterm grades and final grades, and provided with a "cheat sheet."

Book Orders/Course Packs

Sara Koeller, English Program Assistant, will request textbook orders via e-mail about mid-semester. ALL textbook orders must go through Sara/department chair.

Course Schedules

Preferred schedules will be requested via e-mail and should be submitted to either Sara Koeller, English Program Assistant/department chair.

Office Space

Office space is assigned by department chair.

Where do I get office supplies?

The office supplies are kept in the main office/printer room. If there is something you want that is not there, contact Sara Koeller, English Program Assistant, to see if it can be ordered.


Our photocopier/printer/scanner is pretty nifty. You can staple, collate, and print back to back, right from your desktop computer. Sara Koeller, English Program Assistant, is happy to offer demonstrations/tutorials/help you. If you have materials that need to be copied and/or scanned to PDF, please fill out a copy request form (found next to the computer in the main office), attach the form to the materials, and place in the copy request file for the student workers to take care of. PLEASE be aware of time constraints, etc., when making requests - if it's 3 p.m. and you need it tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., tell Sara that it is there!

What kinds of records should I keep?

The university's records management policy is found here:

University Excused Absence Policy 

The university's attendance policy (including absences for athletes, musicians, etc) can be found on Page 22 of the catalog here:

Where should I store portfolios that my students don’t collect?

You are required to keep them for 1 year, and then they can be destroyed (see records schedule). We do NOT have storage available, so you'll need to keep them in your office. We do, however, have student workers who are happy (okay, well not HAPPY, but they'll do it) to go through and salvage binders/clips/plastic folders, etc., and recycle anything that we can.

What is the over-enrollment policy?

Once a class is filled to capacity (24 students for comp classes), the chain of command is this: First, a student needs to ask the instructor if they will accept an overload of students. Second, the department chair has to approve the overload of a student.

What do I tell students who ask about adding or dropping a class after the deadline?

University policy can be found here:

As long as the addition will not over-enroll your class, late adds may be at the discretion of the instructor. Also, after the 8th week of class, there is a process through the dean's office that needs to be followed for "late drops." They should contact the registrar's office for information on that.

What should I tell students who inquire about transfer credit?

University policy on transfers can be found here:

If a student's credit transfers as an elective, and they want it to count otherwise, they should complete a "Degree Program Change" form, found here:  They should consult with their adviser and the department chair of that course to work on getting it approved.


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