Virtual Desktop (VMware) is a program designed as a single outlet where any student can have access to computer programs required to complete coursework on their own computer or tablet away from UW-Platteville’s campus. UW-Platteville began this project specifically for students taking courses through the Collaborative Engineering Program. The UW Colleges, a network of 13 two-year campuses, has been collaborating with UW-Platteville for nearly 10 years, preparing place-bound students from across Wisconsin for electrical and mechanical engineering degrees.

To use the Virtual Desktop, students and academic faculty download the VMWare client, which is the central software that hosts the Virtual Desktop. The VMWare asks for a username and password, which is the same username and password students and faculty use for everyday computer actions such as e-mail and Desire2Learn access. After being successfully logged into VMWare, it presents a desktop providing all the software required to complete coursework.

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