Lab Managers

Distance Labs

For UW-Platteville Collaborative Engineering courses which include a lab component, a lab manager will visit the UW Colleges campuses on a regularly scheduled basis to facilitate the required lab work. 

Please note: There are some upper-level courses that may require students to travel to a specific UW System campus in order to utilize the necessary laboratory equipment to accomplish the course learning objectives.

Lab Manager

The UW-Platteville Collaborative Engineering lab manager provides the face-to-face link between the professors and the students.  At the beginning of each semester, the lab manager will contact the students to set up the lab schedules.

Dave Andersen
Cell: 608.778.3985
Office: 608.342.1170

Lab Cancellation

If a student or lab manager needs to cancel a lab for reasons such as inclement weather, family emergency, illness, etc., they must inform each other as soon as they are aware that their scheduled lab time needs to be changed.

Lab Preparation Requirements

It is the responsibility of the student to READ and PRINT OUT the lab materials, do the pre-lab, and obtain the specified lab components necessary prior to the scheduled lab time.  The lab manager is NOT the person conducting the lab, but is the resource person to help the student conduct the lab assignment.

UW-Platteville will supply some equipment, and the professors will clearly identify what supplies and/or equipment the student must bring to the lab sessions.  All students are expected to have the required equipment and supplies on hand for each scheduled lab as indicated in the syllabus.  If students have questions regarding what equipment or supplies to bring, the students should contact their lab manager for clarification.

Suggested resources of where to purchase equipment and supplies:

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