Application Information

Before applying to UW-Platteville contact the Collaborative Engineering Program Secretary.

Students should contact the Collaborative Engineering Program Admissions Advisor, Aimee Belanger, at since several factors determine which semester a student should apply to UW-Platteville, such as the student’s chosen major, which specific courses have been completed, and which courses will be available during the upcoming semester.

Note:  An associate of arts and science degree is not a prerequisite for applying to UW-Platteville; however, it must be earned before a bachelor’s degree from UW-Platteville is granted.


Don’t delay the application process once advised to apply.

Once a student has been advised to apply to UW-Platteville, it is recommended that the student begin the application process early since it sometimes takes several months for official transcripts to be received by UW-Platteville. 



Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Recommended deadline to begin the application process

May 1

September 1

Admission deadline

July 1

November 1

Registration deadline

August 1

December 1


Submit all required items.

Before a student is considered for admission, all the required items listed below must be RECEIVED by UW-Platteville per the stated admission deadlines.  If the deadline passes and the required items have not been received, the student will need to submit a new application for the subsequent semester.


1. Online Application -*  

  • Applying to:  UW-Platteville
  • Reason for Applying:  Collaborative Engineering Program
  • UW-Platteville Undergraduate Programs:  Electrical or Mechanical Engineering at UW-Fox Valley, UW-Rock County, or Streaming Video at UW-Colleges

2. Official Transcripts and Scores – It is the student’s responsibility to send the official transcripts and scores to the UW-Platteville Office of Admission and Enrollment Services

  • High school transcript
  • Postsecondary transcripts from all colleges and universities attended or currently attending, including a current transcript from UW Colleges, if applicable
  • AP or CLEP scores, if applicable


3. Application Fee of $44 (waived for students who transfer directly from UW Colleges or who have previously attended UW-Platteville as a degree-seeking student)


*For questions or problems with your application, contact UW HELP at 1.800.442.6459 | Deaf/HoH: via 711 Relay |


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