What We Do

  1. Administer and coordinate all university student teaching and internship programs.
  2. Serve as liaison between the School of Education, various departments of the university, and cooperating schools.
  3. Work with administrators of cooperating schools in assigning student teachers to the cooperating teachers and obtaining contracts.
  4. Assign university supervisors to work with cooperating teachers and student teachers.
  5. Monitor student teaching evaluations to ensure they are properly conducted and recorded.
  6. Act as fiscal agent for the student teaching program.  This includes maintaining financial records, preparing the annual budget, and seeing that appropriate payments are made.
  7. Work closely with university personnel, school administrators, and teachers to promote continuous improvement of the student teaching program and other clinical experiences.
  8. Plan and coordinate in-service seminars for student teachers, university supervisors, and cooperating teachers.
  9. Attend professional conferences related to the improvement of student teaching.
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