Student Profile: Kjerstin Gronski

Major: Chemistry (ACS Certified)

Minor: Microsystems & Nanotechnology

Hometown: Platteville, Wis.

Hobbies: Kayaking, photography, swimming, reading, traveling, and many other projects.

Favorite Color: My favorite color has always been orange.

Favorite Book: The Music of the Dolphins by Karen Hesse, and so many more.

Favorite Chemistry Jokes:

  • What do you do when a chemist dies??  Barium.
  • What is "HIJKLMNO"? H2O.

Something interesting that people don't know about me: I was really involved in music, theater, and photo journalism in high school.  They all are still some of my hobbies, but are much less apparent than they were.

Post-Graduation Plans: I am looking at attending a graduate school program in either chemistry or material science.

I chose my major because: I had a wonderful high school chemistry teacher before I came to college.  He instilled a love of chemistry and an interest in how chemists look at solving problems.  I also had the opportunity to be involved in research ever since the summer before my freshman year which has made me even more enthralled with the academic scientific community and scientific research.

Advice to incoming freshmen: Get involved in many clubs and organizations on campus and to get to know many students within your major.  This helps both socially and academically.  The people in your major will be around for the duration of your time on campus can turn into a valuable support system and study group that has built in similarities and interests.

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