Student Profile: James Kivel

Major: Chemistry

Minor: English

Hometown: Woodbury, MN

Hobbies: Nerdy things such as Dungeons and Dragons, Frisbee Golf, reading Stephen King. Outdoors stuff like camping, hiking are fun activities too.

Favorite Quote: "I will act anywhere between 2-90, but on average I act my age."  -Tim Zauche

Favorite Book: The Gunslinger, by Stephen King

Favorite Movie: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Favorite Band: Cloud Cult

Favorite Chemistry Joke: I would tell you a chemistry joke but all of the good ones Argon.

Something interesting that most people don't know about me: I require about 3 cups of coffee in order for anything to make sense in the morning.

Post-Graduation Plans: Get a job, move to a decent sized city.

I chose my major because: I love science, the act of discovery in the world brings about a certain feeling that is unmatched. I also really enjoy literature and reading, but how many people who major in English make money?

Advice to incoming freshmen: Join the Alchemists club, hit up the gym, don't be afraid to try new things, don't go into too much student debt.

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