Scholarships and Awards

The following scholarships are available to UW-Platteville students majoring in chemistry:

  • Gerald F. Richards Scholarship: $1800, chemistry major in junior year.
  • Glen V. Gundy Scholarship: $2,000, chemistry major or minor or chemistry related major and completion of at least five semesters.
  • Glen Tilbury Scholarship: $800, chemistry major or minor with preference to those preparing to teach.
  • Ethel Shaver Scholarship: $650, EMS major taking chemistry, minimum GPA 2.20, from a single parent family, awarded in the spring of even numbered years.
  • Robert C. Hansen Scholarship: $1,000; chemistry major with an overall grade standing of B/C.
  • Chemistry Emeriti Faculty Scholarship: $600, chemistry major.
  • Roger L. Davies: $175, primary major in one of the natural sciences (astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography, physics) with a GPA of 3.0+; financial need.
  • Dwight Klaasen Biochemistry Scholarship: Must be a chemistry major with an emphasis in biochemistry.
  • Alice Keegan Memorial Scholarship for Riverdale High School: Recipient must have graduated from Riverdale High School, Wis. First preference to chemistry majors and second preference to Biology majors. Must a have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • VariousĀ UW-Platteville Scholarships for New Freshmen

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