Chemistry Minor

The chemistry minor is designed for students pursuing other majors including those preparing to teach secondary school. A minor in Chemistry is intended to broaden the academic base of students who already have a solid scientific background in other areas such as biology, microbiology, biochemistry, and engineering. The objective of the chemistry minor is to provide broad, introductory coursework and laboratory experience in chemistry. The minor requirements begin with a solid foundation in general chemistry.

Requirements - 24 Credits Total

Freshman Chemistry, Two Options:

  • Chem 1140 and Chem 1240 (General Chemistry I and II) for 8 credits;


  • Chem 1450 (Chemistry for Engineers) for 5 credits.

Plus 16-19 Additional Credits of Advanced Coursework (2000, 3000 or 4000 level):

  • Either 16 additional credits (if combined with 1140/1240) or 19 additional credits (if combined with Chem 1450);
  • These additional credits of advanced work must include a minimum 4 credits of laboratory courses (above 2000 level).

A student who is considering chemistry minor should print and review a representative 4-year plan for Chemistry Minor, and then discuss it with their advisor.

Students who expect to pursue a professional career in chemistry or enter graduate programs in chemistry are advised to choose their degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Standard or ACS Certified, which requires additional advanced courses in chemistry.

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