Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, ACS Certified

The ACS Major has been officially evaluated and approved by the American Chemical Society, and is our most comprehensive major in chemistry. It is designed for the student who intends to pursue a professional career in chemistry.


Total for graduation 120 credits
General Education 26-39 credits
Major Studies 45-53 credits


Course Number Course Name Credits
Chem 1140 and 1240 General Chemistry I and II 8
Chem 2150 Quantitative Analysis 4
Chem 2730 Inorganic Chemistry 4
Chem 3540 and 3510 Organic Chemistry I, Lecture and Lab 5
Chem 3630 and 3610 Organic Chemistry II, Lecture and Lab 4
Chem 3810 Chemical Synthesis and Characterization 1
Chem 4000 or 4660 Research or Internship or Coop 1
Chem 4060 Seminar 1
Chem 4130 and 4110 Physical Chemistry I, Lecture and Lab 4
Chem 4230 and 4210 Physical Chemistry II, Lecture and Lab 4
Chem 4240 Instrumental Analysis 4
Chem 4630 General Biochemistry 3
Chem 4730, 4810, 4820 or 4830 Advanced Topics (Inorganic, Organic, Physical or Bio Chem) 2-3

Study of a foreign language and additional research experiences are recommended for students who plan to pursue graduate studies.

Phys 1350 and 1450 or Phys 2240 and 2340 (Introductory or General Physics) and Math 2640, 2740, and 2840 (Calculus and Analytic Geometry), or equivalent, are required as prerequisites to advanced chemistry courses.

A student who is considering Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, ACS Certified should print and review a representative 4-year plan for Chemistry Major, ACS Certified, and then discuss it with their advisor.

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