Friends of the CFA

The Friends of the Center for the Arts is an annual membership program created to help ensure the continued success of the Performing Arts Series, the Nohr Exhibition Series, and visits from the Missoula Childrens' Theatre. Serving over 20,000 people annually with a place to perform, to learn, and to be entertained, the CFA and its programs help serve the university's mission of being the cultural center for Southwestern Wisconsin.

For our Corporate/Business Members - Membership in the Friends of the CFA connects you directly with our audience. Your support offers you visibility in over a dozen performance programs and depending on the level of support, related advertising and promotions.

For our Individual Members - you receive great perks including recognition, ticket savings, inside information and more depending on the level of support.

Please consider a donation. It's tax deductible (to the limits of the law) and your support is vital to these important programs.

Thank you!

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