Request for Troubleshooting D2L to Canvas course migration

When importing a D2L export to a Canvas course, you may experience an Import Fail issue. If this occurs, you may want to try these work-arounds before contacting Canvas support. 

  1. If your D2L course contained video file, you may need to export your D2L course again without the video files. You will then need to transfer your videos to your My Media account in Canvas and embed them in the content again.
  2. If you had several quizzes and question libraries in Canvas, you may need to import these selectively in Canvas.
  3. If you do not have videos or quiz questions, a suggestion that has worked -- unzip your D2L backup file, add any single file to it and re-zip it. Now try to import the adjusted file to Canvas. 

If you are still unable to successfully import your D2L file to Canvas, complete the information below and submit the issue:



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