External Apps

What is an External App or LTI in Canvas?

Canvas extends its features by integrating well with third-party applications. These External Apps are available directly in Canvas. The integrated experience is a plus for both students and instructors. There are several applications that have been approved by UW-System and are available to use in Canvas. External Apps are sometimes called LTIs which stands for Learning Tools Interoperability which is the name of the standard that the external app uses to communicate with Canvas.

Integrated Applications

Some external apps have already been integrated system-wide into all Canvas courses. These applications blend into the navigation of Canvas or are integrated into the content editor as External Tools:

  • Blackboard Collaborate / Ultra [webconferencing]

  • Kaltura / My Media [video management]

  • Office 365 [document storage / management]

  • Films on Demand [video library]

  • Vimeo [video library]

  • YouTube [video library]

  • TEDEd [video library of TED Talks]

Available via Course Apps

Several external apps have been approved and made available for instructors to use directly through the course settings. 

Screenshot of Course Apps from Canvas page


Course Apps


GeoGebra Graphing Calculator                                       

Easily solve math problems, graph functions and equations, do statistics and calculus, combine with interactive geometry, save and share your results. Provide students with a tool in Canvas to: 
  • Plot functions, polar and parametric curves
  • Solve equations with a powerful math engine
  • Experience sliders, points, graphs and geometry all working together
  • Get intersections, roots, maximums, minimums, derivatives and integrals
  • Do statistics and regression with best-fit lines and curves
Graph Builder Include this tool that allows students to define graphs based on simple or complex equations and chart them dynamically. Zoom and move the graph around and then embed it into course content.
Internet Archive Add this tool to your course to provide access to an archive that hosts public domain video, audio, books, images and other resources. Links to any of these resources can easily be added to any course content.
Khan Academy Search for and embed Khan Academy videos into course material. Khan Academy focuses on short lessons on math, science, etc. Uses the embedded player so students earn points for watching videos.
Public Resources Browse or search through multiple content repositories including Vimeo, YouTube, SchoolTube, Khan Academy and Quizlet.
Quizlet Search for and embed publicly available flashcards and question sets from Quizlet. Questions can be embedded directly into content as flash cards, review, or as a study game.
Redirect Tool Add links to external web resources that show up as navigation items in course, user or account navigation. Whatever URL you specify is loaded within the content pane when users click the link.
Twitter Embed lists of recent tweets or individual tweets from Twitter. Lists can be derived from search results, or from a user’s twitter feed.
Wikipedia Search through English Wikipedia articles and link to or embed these articles into course material.


What if I want to use an External App that is not on the UW-System approved list?

Since most external learning tools transmit and store data regulated by FERPA that is classified as high risk data, it is important that external apps be well-vetted before they are approved for use in the Canvas system. While vendors may claim to adhere to privacy standards, there is often fine print in click-through agreements with language in place to bypass these protections. Check out how popular discussion platform Piazza sold student data. 

UW-System has put a collaborative vetting process in place to allow requests for external apps to be processed efficiently. At UW-Platteville, that process begins with the External App/LTI Request form.

The Process

For more information on this vetting process, see UW-System External Application Integration Requests

List of Approved External apps

The collaborative UW-System workstream has vetted and approved the following external applications. Note that there are costs associated with many of these applications and details on how the costs will be covered are part of the request application.

How Do I add Tools to the DLE?


App Description

Potential Uses

Akindi A web based assessment system ( as an alternative to Scantron) that automates the creation and grading of multiple choice exams

Instructors can create, print and scan sheets using the app and provide students with instant feedback.

The external app provides user-friendly data, including bar graphs, so instructors can see which questions students didn’t understand. Students benefit by getting graded tests back faster.

Campus Labs The Campus Labs platform provides a centralized hub for a holistic view of your campus, so you can collect and connect your data and then explore the right questions. Campus Labs provides a platform of tools that enables institutions to unify information to provide valuable insights and better decision making. The Canvas integration enables instructors to synchronize assignments created in Canvas with the Campus Labs Rubrics tool.
Cengage Supplemental learning materials from the publisher With the external app,  it is possible to simplify access and help you keep student materials all in one spot. Multiple Cengage platforms are available.
Cerego Cerego is an adaptive learning technology platform based on principles of neuroscience and cognitive science. Cerego’s patented technology uses the scientific method of spaced rehearsal as the basis for memory retention Currently there are about 50 courses you can start learning on Cerego, covering topics such as art history, statistics, the periodic table, and computer shortcuts. The courses are like interactive flashcards, and users can add their own content (useful if you're studying for a test or are taking an online learning course).
Examity Proctoring A secure and convenient way for proctored exams online from anywhere, any time of the day. Faculty have the flexibilty to select the level of online test security and to tailor the test environment to meet desired exam specifications.  Examity can help ensure the integrity of online exams and help maintain proctoring standards within your class.  Examity is fully ADA-compliant, so all students may take advantage of the service.  Faculty can track when students take exams and can review video recordings from any test sessions up to one month after the exam session.  Exam sessions can be audited with incident reports provided to the faculty.
Google apps The Google Apps LTI adds a link to your Google Drive in the Course Navigation Menu. This integration allows Google Apps in Assignments, Collaborations, Modules, Course Navigation, and the Rich Content Editor. 
HP5 HP5 is A HTML5 based interactive content creator. With H5P.com content may be created from within Canvas, you get your own H5P content repository in Canvas and grades are stored in Canvas. H5P.com also provides analytics within Canvas so that teachers may see what the learners answered to the different questions within the H5P Content.
Knewton Fully integrated, adaptive learning courseware designed to optimize the way students study and learn while completing assignments.

The Canvas integration allows students to launch Knewton alta assignments directly from Canvas, Knewton to dynamically send grades to the Canvas grade book, and eliminates the need for students to sign-in to Knewton alta.

McGraw-Hill Create a seamless, easy-to-use course that brings world class content and resources into a rich learning environment. McGraw-Hill Campus integration by Instructure provides users single sign-on access and grade book sync functionality for McGraw-Hill Education products and content through an external tool link module in their course.
Macmillian Macmillan Learning provides a wide range of effective, affordable, personalized classroom solutions, backed by matchless service and support. Instructors can fully integrate the e-Book section. Chapters, activities, videos, LearningCurve quizzes, and animations they need in their course – all with automatic grade book sync and single sign-on access.
MediaSite Mediasite Video Platform is the most automated and scalable system for creating, publishing, searching and managing all of your video. With the ability to launch My Mediasite from within the LMS, faculty can upload video or record flipped modules, full lectures and other supporting videos, all of which are automatically published to the Canvas course.
myBusiness Course myBusinessCourse is a complete, secure, web-based training and e-Learning solution. Integration with Canvas allows for single sign-on, links to assignments in myBusinessCourse from canvas, and automatic synchronization of grade books.
Pearson Easy access to MyLab & Mastering* from your existing LMS. Single sign-on, grade sync, content linking 
Respondus Respondus is transforming education by giving institutions flexibility in how they offer online exams — all while maintaining the integrity of the assessment process. Respondus integrates directly with Canvas allowing instructors to select which online quizzes or tests that an instructor wants monitored
Scantron Class Climate Class Climate provides fast and accurate processing for paper and online questionnaires in a single system The instructor portal provides a list of each instructor’s classes, showing the evaluation response rate and providing access to the most current results report.
Soft Chalk SoftChalk Cloud is the fast and easy way for faculty to create high quality online lessons that are interactive and engage students. Create interactive, media rich lessons stored, updated and shared on the SoftChalk Cloud to be used in any learning management system.
SpringShare LibGuides LibGuides is an easy-to-use content management system deployed at thousands of libraries worldwide. LibGuides LTI has been revamped so that you can offer tailored subject-specific resources inside courseware pages across hundreds or thousands of courses.
StuKent Digital textbooks updated twice a year; online simulations for hands-on student learning; and ready-made resources such as learning activities, projects, quizzes, and more With concerns about dated materials and constraints on your time, you face numerous challenges as you provide educational structure and substance for your students. Stukent has solutions for your classes.
TK 20 Tk20 is an assessment, accountability, and management system to help colleges and universities meet requirements for accreditation Tk20 is a comprehensive data management system that allows students to be active online participants in multiple areas of their college experience including course instruction, field experiences, and sharing of assessment data.
Turning Technologies Active presentation participation software. This software lets teachers insert polling questions with a native PowerPoint integration, ask interactive questions on-the-fly and deliver self-paced assessments with ease.
UniCheck Easy to use plagiarism dectection software for education. Seamlessly embedded into Canvas, Unicheck automatically scans every paper and provides easy-to-read similarity results.
YouSeeU At its simplest implementation, YouSeeU facilitates assignments like speeches, presentations and oral exams in online and blended courses as an extension of your learning management system. By delivering proprietary Video Assignment technology and Video Classroom capabilities combined with powerful feedback and coaching, YouSeeU enables the mastery of communication, critical thinking, and leadership.
Wiley Plus / Next Gen Course engagement software. Starting with Wiley’s quality curated content, you can customize your course by hiding or rearranging learning objectives, setting the pacing of content, and even integrating videos, files, or links to relevant material.
W.W. Norton Inquisitive InQuizitive is a formative, adaptive quizzing tool that supports select Norton textbooks. Instructors most often assign InQuizitive as pre-lecture assignments to ensure students come prepared to lectures, quizzes, and exams.