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Request Forms for Canvas

Adding an Additional Role to Your Course

FERPA training is managed by the Office of the Registrar. For more information and to complete the training, see the Registrar's FERPA information page.

Verify that any student you wish to enroll has completed FERPA training, then complete this request form. Carefully review the role options before completing this request form to assure that the individual has the access that you desire.

Non-instructional Course Request

It is possible to request a Canvas Course to use for a purpose other than a UW-Platteville schedule-based course. In Canvas, these courses are part of a Training and Development subaccount. Those given the role of Teacher in these courses can add and incorporate content, as well as manage the enrollment of the course.

Requesting an External App or LTI

Please review the Canvas External Apps page and the List of Approved Canvas External Applications for clarification regarding the information requested on this form.