The following responsibilities explain the roles each person has within the internship process.

Student Responsibilities

The student/intern who is working at an internship has the following responsibilities:

  • Find an appropriate internship.
  • Prepare the internship application.
  • Plan and reflect on the use of classroom skills in the internship.
  • Represent the University of Wisconsin-Platteville effectively and professionally.
  • Reflect on how the student's education is expanding and refining through the internship.
  • Complete and submit the five page papers in a professional and timely manner to the internship advisor.
  • Maintain contact with the assigned internship advisor.
  • Complete and submit the Intern Evaluation form found under Internship Documents at the right on previous page.

A student performing an internship reflects on the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. A student must act professionally including being punctual, performing work effectively and efficiently, and behaving in a way that demonstrates ability and interest in the employer's work.

Employer Responsibilities

The employer that has hired a student for an internship has the following responsibilities:

  • Provide a job description to the intern to be included in the internship application.
  • Provide a job/position title to the intern to be included in the internship application.
  • Provide on-going, informal feedback to the student about his/her work performance.
  • Contact the Internship Advisor if necessary with any feedback or concerns.
  • Complete the final employer evaluation of the internship advisor.

These responsibilities will often be fulfilled by the intern's primary supervisor at the employer.

Internship Coordinator Responsibilities

The internship coordinator has the following responsibilities:

  • Provide guidance to students regarding the internship process.
  • Evaluate the internship applications and ensure they align with educational goals.
  • Provide approval of appropriate internships.
  • Assign internship advisors to each student intern.
  • Maintain the overall internship policies, procedures, and processes.

Internship Advisor Responsibilities

The internship advisor has the following responsibilities:

  1. Advisors will maintain the requirement for students to turn in a 4 page paper for every 40 hours worked. The advisor will utilize the Desire2Learn dropbox to collect the papers.
  2. Advisors will review and provide feedback to students on the papers within 7 days (otherwise the students won't adjust in a timely manner).
  3. Advisors will record Desire2Learn pass/fail for each of the reports.
  4. Advisors will visit at least 20 percent of their students while on the internship.
  5. Advisors will contact 100 percent of their students once during the internship.
  6. Grades will be given once all papers are done and employer and employee reviews are received and filed in the intern's advising file. If an employer review has not been received, the grade can be given if the internship advisor has contacted the employer requesting the form and confirmed the internship was completed.
  7. The internship file will be returned to the internship coordinator once #6 is done.
  8. The advisor's goal is to help interns have a successful internship and to get some repeat internship companies.

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