Constructed in 1966, Ottensman Hall is used most by engineering students and includes office space, classroom, and lab space for all seven engineering programs, chemistry, and physics as well as a number of study lounges and five computer labs. Ottensman also houses the office of the dean of the College of Engineering, Math and Science. The building is named after Clarence W. Ottensman, who joined the faculty as a professor of structural analysis in 1939. He later served as dean of the School of Engineering.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

This civil engineering facility contains a water filled pit below the floor level with a pump that lifts water to a tank on the top of the building that supplies a flow with constant pressure to several different experimental measurement stations. The laboratory apparatus at the stations allows for the measurement of flow rates, pressures, and friction loss in pipes and flumes. There are also instruments to measure the viscosity and density of different fluids. 

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

In this mechanical engineering facility, soils are tested to determine their engineering properties. Equipment is available for testing: grain size, Atterberg limits, shear strength, hydraulic conductivity, compaction, and consolidation. 

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Ottensman Hall

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