Built in 1976 and partly renovated in 2010, Boebel Hall houses classroom space for a wide variety of majors including math and biology. The renovations increased lab space for general biology, ecology, and zoology. The building is also home to a greenhouse, herbarium, and aquarium. Boebel Hall was named after Leo Boebel. Born in 1903 in Boscobel, Wis., Boebel served as dean of Arts and Sciences, a professor of biology, and director of the medical technology program.

Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

This chemistry facility is used to teach instrumental methods of analysis including electrochemical, spectrochemical, and chromatographic methods. 

Environmental Laboratory

The environmental lab contains laboratory and field equipment, instruments for measuring water quality of lakes and streams, an environmental chamber, and temperature and light-controlled incubators. It also contains instruments for measuring the water quality of drinking water and wastewater samples. 

Contact Information

Boebel Hall

860 Greenwood Ave.; Platteville, WI 538183099