Budget Timeline

Overview of Process

The internal budget process for the University of Wisconsin-Platteville will start in mid-September. Budget forms and internal instructions will be mailed to the campus division leaders and college deans at this time. The completed division/college budget request forms are to be returned to the Budget Office by mid-December.

Each division works with its departmental fiscal agents to compile the initial requests in accordance with the University/College/Departmental Strategic Plans. The requests are submitted to the college dean or division head. Each college and/or administrative division prepares its final requests prior to submission to the Budget Office.  An important step in preparing the final requests prior to submission to the Budget Office is prioritizaton.  Each college and/or division request should be prioritized amongst the other requests in that college and/or division, with 1 being the top priority.

After all the budget requests are returned, each request will be reviewed by the Budget Office staff and compiled on a spread sheet form. The requests will be sent to senior staff and the University Academic Budget Committee (UABC) for their review and comment. 

Senior staff and UABC will make recommendations for funding, which will be submitted to the Chancellor for his review, and/or changes and eventual final approval. The final campus budget is submitted to UW System between March 15 and April 1.

Please see the Budget Timeline Flowchart for a visual depiction of the overall budget process.  All dates are approximate and subject to change.

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Budget Office: Contact Information

Contact Information

If you have any questions relating to the budget, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Budget Office
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
2205 Ullsvik
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53818
E-mail: budget@uwplatt.edu

Sara Voigts, Assistant Budget Director
E-mail: voigtssa@uwplatt.edu

Julie Rennert, Associate Budget Planner
Tel: 608.342.3965
E-mail: rennertj@uwplatt.edu

Lori Melby, Associate Budget Planner
Tel: 608.342.3948
E-mail: melbyl@uwplatt.edu


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