Section: Behavioral Review and Recommendation Team

Behavioral Review and Recommendation Team (BRRT)

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UW-Platteville, like most colleges and universities in the country, has a Behavioral Review and Recommendation Team (BRRT) for the review of reports from any person in the campus community concerned about the well being of a student or employee. The priority of the BRRT is to identify and help any person who may be experiencing difficulty or who may pose a threat to the safety of themselves or the safety of others in the university community or who disrupts the normal functioning of the university. This multi-disciplinary team includes senior professionals from the offices of the Dean of Students, Residence Life, University Counseling Services, Student Health Services, Services for Students with Disabilities, and University Police. Other appropriate personnel, e.g., Human Resources, will join the team when concerns are about an employee.

You may reach the team by the following methods:

It is important to note that the above contact information should only be used for non-emergency situations. For emergencies, call 911. For urgent situations that are not emergencies, contact University Police at 608.342.1584.

The focused efforts of the team are to assess situations, provide support and resources to help students or employees, recommend monitoring of situations, or recommend interventions. The identity of a person sending a report to the BRRT will be protected and anonymous reports will be accepted. The ability of the team to gather needed information may be limited when an anonymous report is submitted, but it is more important that the report be submitted. It is lawful to report observed behaviors to the BRRT as well as verbal or written statements made by the student or employee of concern. Information shared with the BRRT will be handled with sensitivity and professionalism. A person submitting a report to the BRRT will receive appropriate feedback.

For urgent situations that are not emergencies, call UW-Platteville University Police 24/7 at 608.342.1584. For emergencies, call 911.


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