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Named after J. C. Brockert and built in 1967, Brockert Hall provides accommodations for 180 men and 85 women and is located in the Circle. A very popular hall among first year students, Brockert Hall is ideally located close to the disk golf course,  outdoor basketball courts, softball fields, and Memorial Park. Brockert provides and close community atmosphere and is very active in Homecoming.  One of the traditional programs hosted by Brockert Hall each spring is the Circle egg hunt in which the grassy area between the circle halls is covered in plastic eggs and filled with candy and prizes.  The study lounges and the main lobby of Brockert were updated in the spring of 2012.  The Karen Cushman Multifunction Room is utilized by the Hall Council and outside organizations and provides and nice space for students and staff to utilize for large activities and events.

Savion Kirk

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Happy May everyone!

The year is coming to a close. Many activities and events are also on the calendar this month to help you stay stress free and involved on campus!

Hall Closing: Brockert Hall closes at 6pm on Friday, May 18th. You must be checked out of the residence hall and follow the guidelines for hall closing found here. Before checking out of your room, remember to: Return your loft on Thursday, May 10th. • Schedule a date and time to check out with your Resident Assistant. • Return your room furniture back to its original location. • Unplug, defrost, and clean your refrigerator. (Refrigerators take a while to defrost, remember to unplug your refrigerator 24 hours in advance). • Take all of your trash out to the dumpster. • Complete your forwarding address here. • Remove bikes from bike lockers. • Return all keys to your RA or the RA checking you out of your residence hall room.

Loft Returns: The loft return time for metal lofts in the Morrow parking lot is May 10th @ 9 AM- 4 PM

Summer Housing & Summer Storage: Summer Storage costs $150 per person and information is available on the Residence Life website. You can also choose to live in Southwest Hall for the summer. You don't even have to be taking a class and you have the convenience of living on campus!

Welcome Crew Applications: Welcome Crew staff help get the building ready for our opening day, greet parents and students as they enter the building, help students move into the halls, provide information about UW - Platteville, answer questions of students and families, and represent the University. Welcome Crew members will be allowed to move in a day early. Each Welcome Crew member will receive a free T-shirt, selected meals, and a significant leadership experience. If you are interested in being a member of the Welcome Crew, applications are available at the front desk. Applications are due to your Fall 2018 Resident Director by May 18th.

Also, please check out a couple important pieces of news:
- Utilize your resources to wrap up the semester strong! Academic Support Programs, your professors' office hours, and your RA are each a great resource to help you succeed.

- Respectful 20-hour quiet hours begin May 13th @ 1 AM to help people study.

- ALL bicycles that are left in the racks, bike lockers, or around campus will be cut off and disposed of this summer. If you want to leave your bike on campus, it must be taken to the Royce North bike rack or a summer locker can be rented at the Residence Life office.

- Congratulations to all of our graduates and their families/friends! Best of luck with your future journeys as Pioneer Alumni!

- Take a look at the Brockert Hall Facebook Page in order to receive the most up to date events happening around campus.

If you ever have questions in these last few weeks, don't hesitate to talk to your RA. That's what they are here for! Let's finish off the year strong!

Safety Tip of the Month: As we approach spring, inclement weather will become more common. Be sure to remain aware of potential for severe weather. In the case of severe weather, be sure to seek out appropriate shelter if your hall. Avoid windows and do not go outside to storm watch.

Stay classy and remember,


Savion Kirk
Brockert Hall Resident Director

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