The study of life is in full swing here at UW-Platteville! You can experience all the fascinating and intricate aspects of biology through classes, labs, field trips, and research projects. The objective of the biology major is to provide you with the skills necessary to successfully pursue a career in whatever aspect of biology you choose.



  1. Biological knowledge.  Our world is filled with a dazzling array of life; these seemingly unique and different organisms have shared features due to their common origin. Our biology majors will demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics that unify all living organisms, the forces that shape their diversity, and the structures and functions inherent to different living organisms.
  2. Analytic inquiry and quantitative fluency. Because science is a process used to explore and understand the world around us, our biology majors will observe, question, hypothesize, test, analyze and develop conclusions about natural phenomena.
  3. Broad and integrative knowledge. Life is complex; understanding this complexity requires interdisciplinary training. As they investigate the natural world, our biology majors will appropriately integrate knowledge and skills from chemistry, mathematics, and other liberal arts and sciences.
  4. Collaborative learning. Although some contributions to science are achieved by individual effort alone, others are accomplished when people with diverse perspectives and skills work together. Our biology majors will engage in scientific inquiry both as individuals and as effective team members.
  5. Communicative fluencyWithout communication, science has no impact. Our biology majors will use a variety of oral and written means to convey information to a wide range of audiences.
  6. Global learning and ethical reasoning. The advancement of scientific knowledge happens within a societal context. Our biology majors will evaluate interactions between science and society and the ethical issues surrounding those interactions.

What are We all About?

Our program provides students fundamental knowledge of biology, including the different sub-disciplines of biology, and opportunities to explore these areas.  In our curriculum, you will develop your abilities to critically apply biological concepts to the understanding of natural phenomena and to deal with biology-related health, societal, and conservation issues.

In addition, we prepare students for advanced study and research in the biological and related sciences, healthcare professional programs, veterinary professional programs, careers in education and biology-related industry, and governmental service.

We also provides courses for general education in the natural sciences to introduce students to science, biology, biological concepts, and how these affect society. Finally, we provide courses to support other university programs such as agriculture, education, physical education, chemistry, criminal justice, and engineering.

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