Pioneer Players Presents Ghosts

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 7:30pm
Center for the Arts Theatre

The Department of Performing and Visual Arts-Theatre and Pioneer Players present Ibsen’s family drama Ghosts.  Helen Alving has followed her pastor’s advice and silently accepted her husband’s infidelities for a long time. Ten years after her husband’s death, her son Oswald returns home for the dedication of an orphanage in his father’s memory. Oswald becomes infatuated with his mother’s housemaid, who unknown to him is his half-sister, which conjures up ghosts of an unhappy marriage for Mrs. Alving. Although she loves her son unconditionally, Mrs. Alving’s guilt feeds Oswald’s innocence, and propels the play to its inevitable, tragic conclusion. The sins of the father are, indeed, visited upon the son. Helen craves emotional and sexual freedom but is too timid to achieve it; she’s a rebel who fears rebellion, a scourge who longs for approbation and love.

Ibsen’s themes of adultery, incest, moral hypocrisy and STD’s are even more profoundly relevant to our contemporary society than when Ghosts first turned the literary world upside-down back in 1881. This powerful, engrossing psychological drama reaffirms Ibsen’s status as “the father of modern drama.”

Performances are Wednesday through Sunday, October 23-27, 2013 in the CFA Theatre.  Tickets prices are $9 for general admission, $8 for faculty/staff/seniors and $5 for students and children under 18.  Contact the University Box Office at  342-1298 for tickets and information.

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