Death and the Maiden

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 7:30pm to 10:00pm

Winner of the Olivier Award for best drama in 1992, Ariel Dorfman’s relentless and explosively provocative drama is set in a South American country that recently returned to democratic rule after years of a totalitarian regime. Geraldo Escobar has just been appointed head of a commission investigating crimes of the former regime when his car breaks down. He and his wife, Paulina, are picked up by the seemingly good samaritan Dr. Roberto Miranda. Paulina, however, eerily recognizes the doctor as the man who raped and tortured her in a military detention center years ago. Death and the Maiden explores the dark side of humanity—one in which no one can be trusted, everyone is implicated and justice itself becomes a hopeless dream. The London Times called it a “terrifying moral thriller” and Mel Gussow described it as “suspenseful . . . riveting . . . and movingly personal.” Death and the Maiden deals with mature subject matter.

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