Areas of Emphasis

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Biology Emphasis

Required Courses 

Subject Number Title Credits
SCSCI 1260 Crop Science 3
SCSCI 3350 Soil Fertility and Fertilizers 3
BIOLOGY 1750 Diversity of Life 5
BIOLOGY 2450 Fungi Algae and Bryophytes 4
BIOLOGY 3750 Freshwater Biology 3
BIOLOGY 3240 Microbiology 4
BIOLOGY 3340 Entomology 4
BIOLOGY 3550 Morphology and Evolution of Plants 4
BIOLOGY 3660 Animal Communities of Wisconsin 3
BIOLOGY 3650 Plant Communities of Wisconsin 4

Chemistry Emphasis

Required Courses

Subject Number Title Credits
CHEMSTRY 2150 Quantitative Analysis 4
CHEMSTRY 3540 Organnic Chemistry I Lecture 4
CHEMSTRY 3510 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
CHEMSTRY 3630 Organic Chemistry II Lecture 4
CHEMSTRY 3610 Organic Chemistry II Lab 1

Physical Emphasis

Required Courses

Subject Number Title Credits
GEOLOGY 3040 Mineralogy and Lithology 4
GEOLOGY 3230 Sedimentary Geology 4
GEOLOGY 4030 Economic Geology 3
GEOGRPHY 4840 Soil Geomorphology 4
GEOGRPHY 2230 GIS: Thematic Mapping 4
GEOGRPHY 3520 Air Photo Interpretation 2
GEOGRPHY 3720 GIS: Digital Image Analysis 3
PHYSICS 1350 Introduction to Physics I 4
PHYSICS 2240 General Physics I (PLUS LAB) 4


Contact Information

Dr. Yari Johnson
Tel: 608.342.7332

Students who choose a Reclamation major with an emphasis area will take courses to fulfill the Reclamation core requirements.  In addition, each emphasis has specific requirements as outlined.

Choosing an emphasis within the Reclamation major rather than choosing a minor allows students to take more courses that are Reclamation focused, both within the emphasis and as electives.  Students who choose a minor in another department can still choose an area of emphasis to have more focus in the electives that they take.

For descriptions of the courses listed, please click here.


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