Muthu Venkateshwaran

Dr. Muthu Venkateshwaran is an Assistant Professor of Crop Physiology and Molecular Biology in the School of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.  Muthu earned his Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, India and his Master’s degree in Agriculture with an emphasis in Plant Pathology from ANGR Agricultural University, India.  He earned his Doctoral degree in Plant Pathology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Before joining UW-Platteville, Muthu worked as postdoctoral research associate in the Biotechnology Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Muthu joined the School of Agriculture in August 2013.  His teaching areas of focus include Plant Physiology, Plant Breeding, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Pathology, Pest Identification and Management, Crop Science and undergraduate research in crop science and environmental horticulture.  Muthu’s research interests include plant-microbe symbioses (legume-rhizobia symbiosis, arbuscular mycorrhization and ectomycorrhization), plant defense signaling, integrated disease management and sustainable agricultural practices.  He co-advices Agronomy-Soil and Water Conservation club and CERES fraternity. Muthu has received several distinguished fellowships and awards, including UW-Platteville Outstanding Faculty Award, the D.C. Smith Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship, the Agronomy Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Junior Research Fellowship and the G.O. Mott Meritorious Graduate Student Award. He is a member of the American Phytopathological Society, the American Society of Plant Biologists, and the International Society for Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions.

Selected Publications (click here for full list)

Venkateshwaran, M., Jayaraman, D., Chabaud, M., Genre, A., Balloon, A.J., Maeda, J., Forshey, K., Den Os, D., Kwiecien, N.W., Coon, J.J., Barker, D.G., Ané, J.M. 2015. A role for the mevalonate pathway in early plant symbiotic signaling. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 112: 9781–9786.

Venkateshwaran, M., Volkening, J., Sussman, M. and Ané, J.M. 2013. Symbiosis and the social network of higher plants. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 16: 118-127.

Venkateshwaran, M., Cosme, A., Han, L., Banba, M., Satyshur, K.A., Parniske, M., Imaizumi-Anraku, H. and Ané, J.M. 2012. The Recent Evolution of a Symbiotic Ion Channel in the Legume Family Altered Ion Conductance and Improved Functionality in Calcium Signaling. The Plant Cell, 24: 2528-2545.

Venkateshwaran, M.*, Rose, C.M.*, Volkening, J., Grimsrud, P.A., Maeda, J., Bailey, D.J., Howes-Podoll, M., den Os, D., Yeun, L.H., Westphall, M., Sussman, M.R., Ané, J.M. and Coon, J.J. 2012. Rapid phosphoproteomic and transcriptomic changes in the rhizobia-legume symbiosis. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 11(9): 724-744.  *co-first authors.

Capoen, W., Sun, J., Wysham, D., Otegui, M.S., Venkateshwaran, M., Hirsch, S., Miwa, H., Downie, J.A., Morris, R.J., Ané, J.M. and Oldroyd, G.E. 2011. Nuclear membranes control symbiotic calcium signaling of legumes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108 (34): 14348-14353.

Riely, B.K., He, H., Venkateshwaran, M., Sarma, B., Schraiber, J., Ané, J.M., Cook, D.R. 2011. Identification of legume RopGEF gene families and characterization of a Medicago truncatula RopGEF mediating polar growth of root hairs. The Plant Journal, 65: 230-243.

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