Fire and Water Lab

Prescribed fire
White trout lily on Platte Mound
White trout lily on Platte Mound

The Fire and Water Lab is a teaching and research lab in the Reclamation, Environment and Conservation program. We research ways to restore and manage degraded lands. We mostly study the affects of precsribed fire on plant commuity composition and invasive woody plants (e.g., exotic bush honeysuckle) across Wisconsin; streambank erosion in urban and rural southwestern Wisconsin; and the relationship between state-endangered Blanchard's cricket frog abundance and environmental factors across wetlands in southwestern Wisconsin.  Other research areas include Venus flytrap conservation, industrial (aka "frac") sand mining reclamation practices, wetland mitigation, novel methods to control invasive species, and global collaborative research (Drought Net and Global Invader Impact Network).

Examples of student projects

Current projects

Relationship between Blanchard’s cricket frog abundance and environmental factors across wetlands in SW Wisconsin

Effects of prescribed fire on invasive woody encroachment of grasslands and savannas

Testing the efficacy of goats to manage invasive vegetation after a tornado

Drought Net - a global research network to assess terrestrial ecosystem sensitivity to drought

Global Invader Impact Network - invasive plant research

Creating a Midwest Prescribed Fire Research Network


Contact information

Dr. Yari Johnson
Assistant Professor - Program Coordinator
316 Pioneer Tower
Tel: 608.342.7332


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