Dairy Science

Pioneer Dairy Club Hosting ASDA
Hosting ADSA

UW-Platteville has a Dairy Science major!

We are proud to announce a new major in Dairy Science, which started Fall 2016.  There are 65 students in the major and it is still growing!

You will be able to find information about many of the dairy activities at UW-Platteville here including information about our Pioneer Dairy Club, our Pioneer Dairy Challenge team and competitions, Pioneer Dairy Judging Team, and the hands-on learning experiences on our curriculum.

Check back regularly to see new pictures and get new information about our program!


Dairy Science major and minor checksheets can be found by clicking here

Contact Information

Dr. Tera Montgomery
Tel: 608.342.6027
E-mail: montgomeryt@uwplatt.edu

Current and prospective students can use our major and non-teaching checksheets (found here) to better understand our curriculum and map out their course plan.