Animal Science

Livestock Production Emphasis

Animal Science is the application of the basic sciences, state-of-the-art technology and sound business practices to the production and processing of domestic farm animals and animal products.

With rapid advancements in the basic sciences, technology and business skills, the newly revised animal science major offers the student an opportunity to learn modern and forward-thinking concepts of profitable farm animal production. The program is designed to highlight advanced classroom theory, considerable practical, hands-on experience and relevancy to this most important sector of the nation's agricultural industry. Courses are offered in areas of food processing, genetics, management, nutrition and physiology.


Animal Science

Contact Information

Dr. Tera Montgomery
Tel: 608.342.6027

Prospective students will find our program fact sheet to be very informative. Current and prospective students can use our major and non-teaching checksheets (found here) to better understand our curriculum and map out their course plan.