NSR Reservation

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NSR Reservation System

The following screen shots are to assist you in navigating the NSR Reservation System in PASS

Please note: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are suggested browsers, as Internet Explorer does not work well for this reservation program.

Follow these steps carefully to reserve your date for New Student Registration (NSR). 

To get started, click or hover your cursor over Shortcuts in the top right-hand corner of the page.  Click on PASS from the dropdown menu. Log into PASS using your Applicant Account information previously sent to you from Admission and Enrollment Services (user ID and password). If you have misplaced this login information, please email admit@uwplatt.edu


After logging in, select the Student Center tile on your home page. Use the menu on the left side of your screen to complete the following navigation: click UWP Satellite System then New Student Registration then Reserve A Date. To begin, just click on the Start button. Once you start the registration process, please note that if you log out before completing your reservation, the system will take you back to the point where you left off, not back to the beginning.

Step 1: Verify Your Information

Review contact information and edit if necessary.

To make edits, click on Edit buttons. Click Save and Continue to confirm information.

To change your major, send an e-mail to fye@uwplatt.edu with full name, student ID#, birth date, and new major.

STEP 2: Special Accommodations

Please indicate on this screen if you have a request for special accommodations. After entering the information, or if there are no requests to be made for special accommodations at NSR, click Save and Continue.


STEP 3: Placement Test Date

If you have taken the math and English Placement Tests, click "YES". Then enter Date and Test Location in the text boxes. Click Save and Continue.

If you have not taken the English and math Placement tests, and are not anticipating receiving any transfer, AP or IB credit, please answer "NO".  You will need to register for the UW-System Placement tests through the UW-System Placement Testing website. Simply putting in a date will not register you for the exams. Click Save and Continue.

If you anticipate receiving math and/or English credits with a transcript at the time of New Student Registration* (college credits or last year’s AP scores), answer "YES". If you indicate "YES", enter today's date and then "No test needed" in the test location box.

* Credits must be on file with UW-Platteville in order to be exempt from taking the UW-System Placement tests. If they are not on file, you will need to take the UW-System placement tests. Please contact Academic Support Programs by phone at (608)342-1081 or fye@uwplatt.edu to verify that you are exempt from taking the exams.

Click Save and Continue.

Step 4A: Placement Test Date

If you have already scheduled your Placement Test date, click "YES". Then enter Date and Test Location in the text boxes. Click Save and Continue.

If you have not scheduled your Placement Test date, click "NO". Click Save and Continue.

Step 4B: Placement Test Date

If you plan to take a regional placement test at one of the UW System schools, click "Complete a regional test by June 1". Then enter date and test location in the text boxes. Click Save and Continue.
      It is important that you visit http://testing.wisc.edu/centerpages/regionaltesting.html register for a placement test date and testing site.Simply registering for a testing date through this system will not register you for the placement tests.

If you will be taking the placement test in the Quad Cities, enter April 1, 2017 in "Date" and choose “Quad Cities” in the Test Location. Click Save and Continue.

*Additional registration for the Quad Cities test only required at: https://www.uwplatt.edu/academic-support/quad-cities-placement-test-registration

Computer based testing will not be available for registration until March 1, 2017.

If you are unable to take a regional placement test before June 1st, click Complete test after June 1 at UW-Platteville. Click Save and Continue.


Step 4C: Placement Test Date

Please indicate on this screen if you have not already taken the UW System Placement Tests at a regional testing site.

If you cannot complete a regional placement test by June 1, you will need to take a residual placement test at UW-Platteville on the day before you attend New Student Registration. Select a residual test date from the list of choices. Click Save and Continue.


Step 5: Reserve Registration Date

Select the date you plan to attend New Student Registration at UW-Platteville. Click Save and Continue to move to next step.

* If you signed up for residual placement testing at UW-Platteville after June 1, please sign up for an NSR date on the day after your residual placement test.

Step 6: Guest List

If family members or other guests will be attending New Student Registration, please enter the guest First and Last names in the text boxes. Do not enter the student’s name in the guest list.  Click (+) to add more than one guest to the list. Once all guest are entered, click Save and Continue.

If no guests are attending, click Save and Continue.

*Note: Two (2) guests are included in the NSR fee.  Any additional guests beyond the first two guests will need to pay a $15 guest fee during arrival at NSR check-in.  Cash, check, or money order will be accepted at check-in on the day of registration.

Summary Page

Review placement test, new student registration date, accessibility needs and guest list information and make changes as needed by clicking the Edit buttons.  If everything is correct, click Complete Reservation.

Note: Disregard the Self-reported AP and/or College class information.  This information cannot be entered on this form.  If you have taken AP classes or college level courses, your official college transcipts must be sent to UW-Platteville as soon as they are posted. Visit CollegeBoard for information on how to have your AP scores sent.

Registration Summary

Click on Print PDF Summary to print a copy of your registation summary. (You may need to disable your pop-up blocker to view and print the pdf.)

If you’d like to stay on campus the night before NSR, click on the Overnight Accommodations link.

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