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The tutor and the student work one-to-one focusing on specific areas of concern over the course of a 30- or 50-minute tutoring sessions for the courses listed above. Sessions are available Monday through Friday in the Tutoring Center, located on the 3rd floor of Brigham Hall. Tutor availability can be viewed and appointments can be made via the online scheduling system. Please note that first time users will have to register for an account. There is no charge for this service.

If tutoring by appointment doesn’t support the course you need assistance with, please visit the Individual Weekly Tutoring page to request a tutor.

Spring 2018 Tutoring by Appointment courses:

Mathematics                        Chemistry

Math 1530: College Algebra Chemistry 1140: General Chemistry I
Math 1730: Math of Finance Chemistry 1240: General Chemistry II
Math 1830: Elementary Statistics Chemistry 1450: Chemistry for Engineers
Math 2450: Pre-Calculus Chemistry 3540: Organic Chemistry
Math 2530: Trig and Analytic Geometry  
Math 2640: Calculus I  
Math 2730: Discrete Mathematics  
Math 2740: Calculus II  
Math 2840: Calculus III  
Math 3230: Linear Algebra  
Math 3630: Differential Equations  
Math 4030: Statistical Methods  

Biology                                Spanish

Biology 1150: General Biology Spanish 1840: Elementary Spanish I
Biology 1650: Unity of Life Spanish 1940: Elementary Spanish II
Biology 1750: Diversity of Life Spanish 2840: Intermediate Spanish I
  Spanish 2940: Intermediate Spanish II

Physics                                 Accounting

Physics 2240: General Physics I Accounting 2010: Financial Accounting
Physics 2340: General Physics II Accounting 2020: Management Accounting


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TS: Contact Us

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