Ten Tips for New Transfer

Here's the answers to 10 questions you might not have thought to ask!

1. Does the campus ever close due to inclement weather? Will professors contact students if a class is cancelled?

If campus closes, an alert will be posted promptly on the main UW-Platteville webpage. When possible, the campus community is also notified through campus e-mail, text messages, and the university’s social media sites (Facebook, Twitter).

Each professor will have his/her preference for notifying students of a cancelled class. Many professors will e-mail the D2L class list when they need to cancel class unexpectedly. So, it is helpful to also check campus e-mail. Other professors may put a note on the classroom door or the classroom board indicating that the class is cancelled.

2. Who can help students with D2L or technical support?

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk staff members assist students with D2L or technical problems. The OIT Help Desk is located in the back of the Bears Den (in the Markee Pioneer Student Center). There are also multiple online resources to help students with D2L that can be accessed through the “Academic Tools” link at the top of the university’s homepage.

3. Do students have to use the UW-Platteville issued e-mail address?

Students are encouraged to check their UW-Platteville e-mail account regularly as many updates and notices are sent to students via campus e-mail. Students may opt to forward e-mails from other accounts to their Zimbra e-mail account. There is also an option in Zimbra to forward campus e-mails to another e-mail account (Preferences, then “mail,” “receiving messages,” “and forward a copy to…”).

4. Will students be required to change their campus password?

Students will be prompted by the ITS Help Desk to go to the ITS webpage and change their password via the password management link every 6 months. CAUTIONARY NOTE: Several “phishing” e-mails are sent to campus e-mail accounts. ITS will NEVER ask students to submit their password, username or other personal information via e-mail. Always check to see ‘who’ the sender is and contact ITS if you suspect someone is trying to access your account.

5. May students register for classes without talking to an advisor?

No. Students must talk to an academic advisor before registering for classes every semester as students must get their PIN number from the advisor. A PIN number is needed to ‘release the advising hold’ in PASS before registering for classes.

6. How much does it cost to see a medical provider at Student Health Services and a counselor at Counseling Services?

Student Health and Counseling Services appointments are FREE and confidential for students. Additionally, students do not need insurance to see a medical provider or counselor. Note: There may be a small charge associated with some laboratory services, medications and minor surgical procedures.
Student Health Services: 608.342.1891  Counseling Services: 608.342.1865. Both offices are in Royce Hall (2nd Floor).

7. What do students need to know about parking on campus?

The University Police webpage (accessible from the UW-Platteville home page) provides important information about parking, violations/fines, and parking permits. 

8. Who should students talk to if they are having a hard time figuring out which classes to take in order to graduate on time?

Students should talk to their academic advisor about course requirements. Students should also consult the academic catalog (copies of the catalog are available online via the Registrar’s webpage).

9. How will I confirm that I am getting close to finishing up all the requirements necessary for graduation?

Students must file the Intent to Graduate form with the Registrar’s Office before preparing for commencement. The Registrar’s staff will alert students regarding unmet requirements and confirm which requirements have been met. Students often file the form within 2-3 semesters of graduation. The form is located on the Registrar’s website.

10. How can students stay informed about what is occurring at UW-Platteville?

The campus website (home page) contains “Latest News” articles. The Upcoming Events link on the campus home page provides a monthly listing of events. Many student events are listed in PioneerLink, which can be found under “P” in the Campus Resources alphabetical directory. Additionally, students are often provided with information via UW-Platteville e-mail.

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