Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students have the right to: 

  • Receive timely and accurate academic advising by a faculty member knowledgeable in program, university, and certification requirements.
  • Receive an on-going evaluation of academic requirements already completed and academic requirements still to be completed.
  • Change academic majors, minors, or advisors without fear of penalty, coercion, or retribution.
  • Receive accurate and up-to-date class rotation schedules.  
  • Receive objective career counseling by a faculty member knowledgeable in the student’s chosen field.

Students have the responsibility to:

  • Utilize advising services in an effective and efficient manner.  
  • Schedule advising appointments in a timely manner that works for both advisor and advisee.
  • Come prepared for an advising appointment. This includes: knowing about the Academic Requirements Report and general education requirements, having course options selected, using Schedule Builder to build classes.
  • Inform their academic advisor of intent to change majors, minors, graduation date, or other factors which may impact satisfactory and timely completion of academic requirements.


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