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Courses served through tutoring by appointment are not eligible for individual weekly tutoring. Please review the Tutoring by Appointment webpage prior to requesting an individual weekly tutor.

For those courses not supported through Tutoring by Appointment, students can request a tutor by completing the request below. Students are expected to meet with the tutor on a weekly basis as soon as a tutor has been assigned to them. During the request process, the student will decide if they want to meet with a tutor for one or two sessions each week. The tutor and the student meet at a mutually agreed upon time in the Tutoring Center or a public location on campus.

There is no charge for this service.

Expand here to review the policies and procedures for individual weekly tutoring.

Tutoring Services (TS) offers academic support services that provide students enrolled at UW-Platteville with individual or drop-in tutoring in a variety of courses.
  • Prior to completing the Request for a Tutor Form, please review the requirements and procedures for one-to-one tutoring.
  • The guidelines below are designed to maximize the effectiveness of tutoring by highlighting the goals and expectations of both the tutor and the tutee.


• Once you have been assigned a tutor, TS staff will email your tutor’s contact information to you.
• It is your responsibility to contact your tutor within two days of receiving the contact information in order to schedule your first meeting. If the tutor does not respond to your contact within 2 days, notify the tutor coordinator.
• In the initial contact, it is a good idea to provide times of availability for your tutor.

• The first tutoring session takes place at the Center (3rd floor Brigham Hall).
• Future sessions should be held on the 3rd floor of Brigham Hall if possible, but may take place at other public areas on campus that have computer and internet access (NO tutoring in residence hall rooms).

• You are REQUIRED to meet with your tutor on a weekly basis when you request a one-to-one tutor.
• You will meet with your tutor for 1 or 2 weekly sessions based on your request.
• Each session can be up to 50 minutes in length.

• If you are going to be late, contact your tutor.
• If you are unable to keep a tutoring appointment, please notify your tutor with as much notice as possible.
• Tutees are charged for cancelled sessions and no-shows.
• If you fail to arrive within 15 minutes of your arranged meeting time, you will be assessed a “NO SHOW.”
• If you miss and/or cancel 3 total sessions your tutor request will be suspended.

• Complete class assignments BEFORE coming to tutoring appointments. Tutors will NOT do or correct your homework.
• Be punctual and come prepared with all materials (pencil/pen, paper, syllabus, handouts, textbooks, calculator, etc.).
• Have specific questions for your tutor and be prepared to engage in content dialog.
• Have a specific goal(s) for each session.

• Contact TS staff with questions, concerns, or if you wish to cancel your tutor request.


Goals of Tutoring
The goals of tutoring are:
• To promote and support active and independent learning;
• To develop a positive approach to learning;
• To aid in developing a higher student competence and/or confidence in a particular subject; and
• To create an encouraging environment where learning takes place at the tutee’s pace.
Goals of tutoring are achieved by:
• Engaging in a discussion about what the tutee knows and doesn’t know about a subject;
• Coaching the tutee to find answers on their own using textbook, notes, etc.
• Using question and answer techniques that help a tutee process information and transfer knowledge into the tutee’s long-term memory;
• Creating opportunities for the tutee to practice what they are learning; and
Reviewing notes and previously graded assignments, projects, or exams to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Tutee Responsibilities

Tutees are expected to:
• Meet with your tutor on a weekly basis;
• Check your UWPLATT.EDU email account for messages from your tutor and the TS office on a regular basis;
• Attend class;
• Attend all scheduled tutoring sessions arriving on time;
• Bring all academic support materials to each session;
• Prepare for each session by completing homework and drafting a list of questions or topics to cover prior to the tutoring session;
• Actively participate in tutoring sessions – ask and answer questions and set personal and session goals;
• Participate in tutor and program evaluations; and
• Communicate with the TS office if there are questions or concerns.


My completion of the Tutor Request form indicates that I have read and understand the Tutoring Services (TS) requirements and policies described above. I agree to follow the program’s policies, expectations and guidelines. By not following the program’s policies, expectations and guidelines, I understand that my tutor request will be cancelled.

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"[The tutor] knows the material very well and made me love learning math. [The tutor] has a positive attitude which helps a lot."

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TS: Contact Us

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