Half-way there

Student graduating

Congratulations! You are "half-way there"!

"Half-way there" means that you are completing your sophomore year in college and are looking towards graduation. The following are a few tips from UW-Platteville staff and students to make your last years here at UW-Platteville the best that they can be!

Student Ambassador

“I would encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things. It is important to stay in good academic standing, but employers are looking for well-rounded individuals that are involved in both campus and community activities.  Hold a leadership position in a campus organization, plan a community service project, conduct research with a faculty member, participate in a creative writing contest, or study abroad for a semester. The opportunities are endless at UW-Platteville and students gain a set of instrumental skills that will prepare them for the future!” (Joshua Hess, Student Ambassador, Biology (Pre Med) graduating senior)

Alumni Office

Take advantage of the events that put you in front of alumni and business professionals while you're a student. Networking is the key to getting hired when you graduate and the Alumni Association has great events throughout the entire year to help you meet your future boss. (Kim Schmelz, Alumni Director)

Career Center

Don’t wait until your junior or senior year to attend the annual career fair events! Employers want to meet students who are freshmen and sophomores. These are great career exploration activities as you may learn about a new opportunity. We are happy to help with your résumé, interviewing skills, and job search.  (Diana Trendt, Career Center Director)

Financial Aid

"Remember that you need to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to remain eligible for financial aid. Pay attention to the number of courses that you attempt and complete each semester and keep your cumulative GPA above a 2.0!" (Tracey Mingo, Financial Aid Director)

Advising and Career Explorations Services

"Meet with your Academic Advisor regularly and check your Academic Requirements Report in PASS. When you do these two things there will be no surprises (i.e. missing coursework) at the end when you are a semester (or more) away from graduation." (Kia Hendrickson, Academic Advisor  School of Ag and ACES)


“Your Intent to Graduate form should be filed six to twelve months prior to graduation.  The best time is the start of your second to last term in order to receive your degree audit prior to registering for your last semester of coursework. Make sure you review information online at:  www.uwplatt.edu/registrar/graduation.” (David Kieckhafer, Registrar)

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