Before you arrive at UW-Platteville

Ten tips to consider for a smooth transition to UW-Platteville

  1. Look for Higher One envelope (info for your Financial Aid refund - if you are receiving one). Know what Higher One is and what your options for your refund are!
  2. Talk with your new roommate early (not just stalking them on Facebook and Twitter) and get to know them before you arrive to move in. Ask them about their likes and dislikes and clarify preferences for room layout. You can also find out more information in the Residence Life "Guide to Living on Campus."
  3. Plan to meet all of your professors within the first two weeks of classes—this helps with knowing where their offices are (and their office hours). Don't wait to visit them only when you are in dire need of help.
  4. Take a few minutes to review your schedule and start looking for times where you can plug in studying during the day. When you utilize your time well during the day, your evenings are freed up to get involved in campus activities.
  5. Check out Pioneer Link! This is an easy way to start thinking about what clubs and organizations are available for you to join when you arrive on campus. 
  6. If you have questions about any services or programs including financial aid, your meal plan, your housing assignment, health information or even if you have questions about transitioning to UW-Platteville, take time to make a few phone calls and have your questions answered before you come to campus.
  7. Talk about homesickness! One study revealed that 90 percent of students experienced some level of homesickness. Talk about an action plan with your family and friends so that you can make a successful transition through your first year at UW-Platteville.
  8. Get to know more people on campus other than just your faculty and your new friends. There are many people on this campus that are really helpful! You can find them in your residence halls (RA/RD), and in a variety of places across campus (Student Support Services, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Academic and Career Advising Center, etc.)
  9. Become familiar with the campus website and know your way around it. Learn more about your major! Find the catalog for the year you arrived on campus! Know what a "good standing" GPA is. Learn more about PASS! Plus many more answers to your questions!
  10. If you're interested in working on campus, start looking for an on-campus job before you arrive. Take a look at the financial aid website under the job board and start applying for the jobs now! 

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