Academic Coaching

You can do it!
You can do it!

Ever had one (or more) of the following thoughts?

  • Seriously, I work best under pressure!
  • I thought I knew how to study, but it's different here.
  • Procrastination is my middle name!
  • I've never used a planner before, why should I start?
  • I've never been a good test-taker because I get really nervous.

If you answered "Yes!", then stop by third floor Brigham Hall (or use our online request form) and schedule an appointment with one of our Academic Coaches to help you be your most successful in college.

Here's what you can expect

What you can expect from a session with an Academic Coach:

  •  Expectations about your college experience
  •  Ways to manage your time better, including important "how to use a planner" skills
  •  How to handle test anxiety
  •  Directions to a variety of campus resources
  •  Importance of getting involved with campus programming
  •  How to have positive interactions with your college Professors and other campus professionals.
  •  A 1:1 connection with a campus professional, who can encourage and support you through your college experience

Initial sessions last about 30 minutes, and follow up appointments are scheduled based on what skill sets you'd like to work on. We're happy to meet with you just once or twice, or all the way through the semester. You and your Academic Coach will determine the best fit for your needs.

success Resources

Academic Support Programs offers a wide variety of on-campus, and online resources for you. Check out the full list including:

  • Before you arrive at UW-Platteville
  • First Year Resources
  • Transitioning Through the First Year
  • Transfer Student Success
  • Commuting Students Tips
  • Campus Resources:
  • STEM Study Skill
  • Preventing Procrastination
  • Study Tips
  • Being Successful When Studying in the Sciences
  • Preparing for Your Advising Appointment

       And much more!

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