Academic Advising

Academic Support Programs provides academic and personal assistance to those students who have not yet decided on an academic major. Academic Support Programs also serves as a referral and resource site for those students who may be unsure of their declared major and is open to all students enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Students who have a declared major will see an advisor in their department. Your assigned advisor will show on your Student Center in PASS. Academic advising is a collaborative process between advisors and students.

Student Advising Resources

Academic advisor Resources

Mission Statement

The mission of the UW-Platteville academic advising program is to provide a supportive atmosphere which promotes the educational and professional development of the student.


Effective advising encourages students to become self-sufficient in making decisions and solving problems as they complete their college education.
Effective advising results in students who can:

  • Use tools and resources that support efficient academic planning, scheduling and registration;
  • Enroll in courses in an appropriate sequence to complete their academic program in a timely manner;
  • Satisfy the graduation requirements for Core Education and for their academic program(s);
  • Familiarize themselves with Student Rights and Responsibilities;
  • Make appropriate educational and career decisions;
  • Solve problems that may occur as they move through their academic program; and,
  • Advocate on their own behalf.

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