On-Campus Interviews

On-campus interview.

Interviewing candidates on campus for internship, co-op or full-time positions allows you to identify and screen qualified candidates on the same day and increases our students' awareness of your company.

Scheduling an On-Campus Interview

Recruiting dates for employers choosing to interview on campus occur during the regular academic year (September-May). Many employers set up a campus interview date in conjunction with our fall or spring career fairs, but on-campus interviews can happen anytime during the academic year. Interview rooms are available to simplify your recruiting efforts.

The following items are required for on-campus interviews:
• Job posted in Pioneer Career Network
• Students interviewing must be registered in Pioneer Career Network

To schedule on-campus interviews, you must be registered with Pioneer Career Network.

To schedule an on-campus interview, please complete the On-Campus Interview Request Form below and email it to acac@uwplatt.edu.

On-Campus Interview Request Form

Information collected on form

  • Type of on-campus interview schedules
    • Open – Any student who meets the posted requirements, without having to be accepted by the employer, may sign up for an interview timeslot on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Preselect –This schedule allows the employer to prescreen applicants and select the students for the schedule. Students who meet the requirements can request an interview by submitting a résumé through Pioneer Career Network, but the employer ultimately accepts which students can sign up for an interview timeslot.
    • Résumé Collection – This type of schedule indicates that the employer will be collecting résumés at a career fair or through other means of collection and will create the interview schedule outside of Pioneer Career Network.
  • Preferred Interview Dates
  • Number of Rooms
  • Interview Session Preference (interview lengths with or without breaks)
  • Which position(s) you will be interviewing for

Staff in the Academic and Career Advising Center will work to grant your request and will contact you once your interview schedule has been confirmed. If you have any questions or need assistance at any point in the process, please contact Jennifer Williamson-Mendez or the ACAC team at 608.342.1183.

ACAC: Contact

Contact Information

UW-Platteville Academic and Career Advising Center
0200 Ullsvik Hall
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53818

Tel: 608.342.1183
E-mail: acac@uwplatt.edu

Office Hours:
7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. (Academic Year)
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Summer Months)

For more information about our team, see the ACAC Team Directory.

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