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At the March 2023 meeting, the UW System Board of Regents approved the 2023-24 academic year tuition and fee rates. This includes raising the tuition for Wisconsin residents for the first time in a decade. Between the tuition freeze, decreases in state funding, and a 30% increase in inflation (2013 to 2023), this tuition increase is necessary for us to continue delivering the rigorous, hands-on learning experiences that will prepare students to meet the challenges of today. 

UW-Platteville remains committed to providing a high-quality, hands-on education at an affordable price. Even with changes to tuition and fees, Platteville will remain one of the most affordable options within System. When comparing the total cost of tuition, fees, room, and board, UW-Platteville ranks 8th among the 13 UW comprehensives.

What’s Changed for the 2023-24 Academic Year

  • UW System increased resident undergraduate tuition by 4.5% across all UW campuses after a 10-year tuition freeze.
  • UW Platteville increased the Tuition Advantage Program (IL and IA) and non-resident tuition rates by 3.4%.
  • UW-Platteville increased the Pioneer Potential from $120 to $245 per year. The Pioneer Potential funds mental health services, academic support services, hands-on academic experiences, and student financial aid, among other things. This has existed for several years but was not listed separately on students’ 2022-23 bill.
  • Due to the significantly higher cost of delivering some programs, the university has added program-specific differential tuition to four programs: Computer Science, Construction Management, Cybersecurity, and Engineering. Students majoring in these programs will have this additional tuition added to their base tuition rate. Even when you add the program-specific differentials, UW-Platteville remains highly affordable. For example, UW-Platteville ranks 6th in tuition among the 9 UW comprehensives that offer an engineering program.

2023-24 Total Direct Costs

More information about the items included on students’ bills is available on the Cashier’s Office website.

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