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12 Blondes and a BrunetteStaff Only1896082
2Walk For itStaff Only1872032
3Scrambled Legs and 'AchinStudent Only1849392
4Mechanical AdvantageStaff Only1731807
56 Cheeks to the WindStaff Only1710591
63 Wonders of UWPStaff Only1649893
7Healthy WondersStaff Only1610108
8The Final TrekStudent&staff1555157
9ITS TRIO 10KStaff Only1516193
10Team FagerStaff Only1488409
11Fore Score and Seven Blisters AgoStaff Only1430589
12Continually WalkingStaff Only1398331
13The Great Wal-kers of Doudna Staff Only1395951
14Forrest Gump's Running ClubStaff Only1370377
15LLC'sStaff Only1326527
16Mixed Bag of NutsStaff Only1273074
17The Level Setters Staff Only1269694
18HHPStaff Only1253701
19Witness the FitnessStaff Only1242783
20DNA - Double Nerds and an Ad ManStaff Only1209426
21Pioneer Farm PacersStudent&staff1207835
22Kicking AsphaltStaff Only1162602
23Fred FlintstoneStaff Only1159058
24The Sloppy Joe'sStudent&staff1117806
25familia de tresStudent&staff1108466
26Health HoppersStaff Only1097461
27The Real OGsStaff Only1074773
28Three and a Half LadiesStaff Only1064231
30The SatellitesStaff Only1027443
31Sassy SteppersStudent&staff1012544
33School of StrideStaff Only983069
34Eastside GalsStaff Only956351
35Bernie and The Hot RodsStaff Only944921
36AB SquaredStaff Only927900
37The WanderersStaff Only916546
38MS Marathon Milers Staff Only915908
39Will Walk for CupcakesStaff Only875254
40The Leaning Tower WalkersStaff Only858000
41The Pace MakersStaff Only841727
42Walking WarriorsStaff Only828675
43Alternative ∆≠racts Staff Only815067
45Team McLiprowStaff Only754532
46Glory SteppersStudent&staff727199
47I.S.I.T.Staff Only706223
48The Walking FootStaff Only694555
49Be Fast or Get REC'dStudent Only680166
50Terrific TrioStaff Only625009
52The SkyWalkersStudent&staff556693
53Stigma StompersStaff Only548095
54Sustainability OfficeStaff Only517560
55Run Like the WindedStaff Only490408
56Something's AfootStaff Only387806


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