Section: 10000 Steps

How to Track, Record, and Report Your Steps



Use a pedometer to track your steps whenever you walk. It doesn't matter whether you are walking at home, at work, or outdoors for fitness—every step counts. So keep that pedometer on your person at all times and make sure it's working. There are a lot of different kinds of pedometers you can use.

  • Apps for your smart phone
  • Fitness bands
  • Fitness watches
  • Clip-on pedometers


Throughout the week, record your walking steps tracked by your pedometer on the recommended  spreadsheet or a piece of paper.  Along the way, if you engage in any non-walking activities, convert those activities to non-walking steps—you get credit for those, too!  Refer to the Steps Conversion Chart (6th worksheet in the spreadsheet above) for more information.  Remember, at the end of the week, you want to be able to tell your captain the total number of steps.  So it is important that you keep track.

STEP 3: Report Steps to Captain

Once all of a team's members have reported the previous week's steps to their captain, the captain uses the online form to report the entire team's steps for the previous week.  Captains, please try to do this as early as possible every Monday.  We cannot publish the weekly results until we have heard from all the teams, so please do not delay.

That's all there is to it!  Have fun!

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