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Mathematics links

Math Organizations

Project NExT
Young Mathematicians Network

Numerical Analysis

MATLAB Central
MATLAB Educational Sites [Univ. of Maine]
Domain Decomposition Page
IFER [Univ. of Saskatchewan]


Wolfram Alpha
Planet Math
Math Forum
Body and Soul Project
Math Open CourseWare [MIT]
Math Genealogy Project [NDSU]
Math Archives [Univ. of Tennessee]

Undergraduate Math Links

Paul Dawkins' Online Math Notes [Lamar Univ.]
Automatic Calculus and Algebra Help [Commercial page]
Eric Schechter's Common Errors in College Math [Vanderbilt Univ.]
HMC Calculus Tutorial Algebra Review [Harvey Mudd College]
Math tutorials at Analyze Math [Commercial]
David Scherfgen's Derivative Calculator [Commercial]
Chegg Homework Help [Commercial]

Analysis and Applied Math Links

Bert G. Wachsmuth's Interactive Real Analysis [Seton Hall Univ.]
Bruce K. Driver Compiled Analysis and PDE Notes [Univ. of California-San Diego] (pdf files, more than 1000 pages)
Curtis T McMullen's notes on real analysis [Harvard Univ.] (.pdf file, 65 pages)
Douglas N. Arnold's notes on complex analysis [IMA] (.pdf file, 39 pages)
Dr. Vogel's Gallery of Calculus Pathologies [Texas A & M Univ.]
Endre Süli web page [Oxford Univ.] (With several lecture notes on numerical analysis)
Erhan Cinlar and Robert J. Vanderbei's book "Real Analysis for Engineers" (483 K .pdf file, 119 page output)
Gerald Teschl's lecture notes [Univ. of Vienna]
Ian Craw's text for MA1002: Advanced Calculus and Analysis
Jim Langley's notes for real analysis [Univ. of Nottingham] (393 K .pdf file)
Joel Feinstein's handouts and lecture notes in (a) real analysis and (b) metric and topological spaces [Univ. of Nottingham]
Joel H. Shapiro's Lecture Notes [Michigan State Univ.]
John Lindsay Orr's Analysis WebNotes [Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln]
Kenneth Kuttler's notes for math 541: real analysis [Brigham Young Univ.] (3896 K .ps file, 538 page output)
Leif Abrahamsson's course material for real analysis [Uppsala Univ., Sweden]
Michael Filaseta's notes for Math 555: Real Analysis II [Univ.of South Carolina]
Noel Vaillant's Probability Tutorials (Extensive lecture note on graduate level real analysis topics.)
Robert V. Kohn's PDE for Finance notes [NYU]
Saeed Zakeri's problems in real and complex analysis [Queens College] (.pdf file, 78 pages)
Sigurd Angenent's Free Lecture Notes Page [Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison]
Steve Buckley's short course on Sobolev Spaces [NUI, Maynooth] (180K .pdf file, 17 pages)
Timo Weidl's notes on Sobolev Spaces [Universität Stuttgart] (517K .pdf file, 93 pages)
Timothy Gowers "Mathematical discussions contents page".
Todd Arbogast notes on Methods of Applied Mathematics [Univ. Texas-Austin] (pdf file, 259 pages)
Tom Körner's analysis course [Univ. of Cambridge] (.ps file, 74 pages)
William Chen's Lecture Notes [Macquarie Univ.] (Lecture notes on several topics)