First Website Steering Committee Meeting

September 21, 2012

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The Website Steering Committee began meeting weekly on September 5, 2012. Initial accomplishments include:

  1. Established the scope of the committee’s purpose: to oversee the four areas below. The sub-committees began meeting weekly and are tasked with defining the scope and determining timelines for their area. If you have suggestions or questions you would like a sub-committee to address, contact someone on the committee.   The chairs of the sub-committees will form a workgroup with Paul Erickson and John Vieth to document and communicate the preparation (including a needs analysis) and implementation tasks for each department. This will be piloted in anticipation of a gradual, department by department, web site update over time.

    Hao Chen (co-chair)
    Ian Clark (co-chair)
    Bill Hudson
    Tyler Tollefson
    Joanne Wilson

    Pete Davis (chair)
    Stephanie Belken
    Ian Clark
    Bill Hudson
    John Vieth

    Stephanie Belken (chair)
    Stacie Byers
    Hao Chen
    Christina Curras
    Tyler Tollefson
    John Vieth

    Christine Hawkinson (chair)
    Rob Cramer
    Paul Erickson
    Mike Sherer
  2. Agreed to utilize Drupal platform with more advanced functionality for the website redesign. Features and capabilities should accommodate the needs of most departments.
  3. To view two currently live sites, go to:    or

    PLEASE NOTE: The navigation and designs are works-in-progress and NOT final. The  sub-committees are charged with evaluating and revising all aspects during the pilot site implementation.
  4. Determined four pilot sites that have crucial and immediate needs. These areas will be updated first:
    • Prospective Student Services and Admissions
    • College of Engineering , Mathematics and Science
    • Residence Life
    • Academic  Programs (to meet UW System requirements)
  5. Designated the pages for Foundation and University Information and Communications to experiment, test, and demonstrate layout and features.
  6. Charged the Communications sub-committee to establish an interactive website in Drupal to allow faculty and staff to submit questions/see answers, view project progress reports, and see examples of layout and features.


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